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Introducing WorkLearnMobile– it’s all about mobile

Of course, Qualcomm is interested in mobile learning and support. The very global, San Diego-based company is the leading patent holder on 3G and 4G mobile technologies. Their self interest delivers benefits to the rest of us. As impetus for more and better mobile learning and performance support, they've launched WorkLearnMobile-- The Mobile Learning Innovation Network. On the resource rich site, Geoff Stead, who leads the mobile learning/support effort for the company, blogs about technology implications for learning and performance. His first entry presents 8 trends in a way that helps readers look beyond the hype. The trends range from … [Read more...]

Performance Support Goes to the Oscars

Mike Yonker, my guest blogger, is President of Learner Mobile for SVI Inc. Much of mobile training and development is broken. Few have the patience to go through courseware on a phone or even a tablet. Screens are small and content is long. Mobile can do so much more. Mobile was the buzz at the ASTD International Conference in Dallas in May, 2013. Even though they are keen for it, many learning professionals fail to ask the right questions. It's important to inquire about device compatibility with the organization's technical requirements. It's important to know how both mobile content and messages are managed and published and how they … [Read more...]

Leader development is the question. Is mobile the answer?

When you look at the numbers associated with workplace learning and development, the investment in leader performance jumps out. Bersin Associates, now a unit within Deloitte, wrote this in 2012: U.S. companies have increased leadership development spending 14 percent over 2011 levels to an estimated $13.6 billion in 2012. The Bersin group notes that this spending is extending beyond senior leaders and to mid-level and even first-level managers. Talent Edge 2020, a longitudinal study of the matters weighing on executives’ minds, identified leadership as their most pressing talent concern. Can we rely on training and development for … [Read more...]

Moving beyond the classroom — talk that leads to action

The learning organization of the last century focused on the classroom. That was challenge enough. Today, the canvas of the learning organization expands to include the classroom and the world of work. With humility about the influence of scheduled training events, learning leaders now are asked to deliver experiences, resources and relationships on demand, where and when needed. While this shift is good in many ways, it is no slam dunk. Let's look in on a conversation between Erun, a global learning leader and a workplace learning professional, Meg. Meg has been asked by the VP of Sales to “develop a dynamic, digital training … [Read more...]

I’m an educator who loves apps

I do love them. I love apps because of what I can do on the go. Apps on my mobile devices enable practice, a quick lesson, a conversation with a coach or team, or a reminder about how it is that I might think about something. Here is the story of how apps helped Aaron Ifland, a doctoral student, who attends two universities 118 miles apart, and teaches at a third. I also love their ability to support activities that appear mundane to others, but are important in the moment. Here is an example. A few days ago, I had to get from a hamlet in Maine to a hamlet in upstate New York. I knew I had to go south through New Hampshire and … [Read more...]

How We Helped Faculty Move Their Courses Online

Suzanne Aurilio is my guest blogger. She and our SDSU colleagues have enjoyed some solid successes in bringing faculty to rely on and appreciate technology. Here is her story. I've been working with university faculty on teaching, learning and technology for almost ten years. During much of that time, I led a well-funded program in which we incentivized faculty to experiment with technologies to improve teaching and learning. The program had impact. It catalyzed strategic alliances with key units and leaders. It created a flexible infrastructure of personnel and resources. It was a sustainable effort that grew into an ecosystem that … [Read more...]

Is Your Training On the Trivial?

I’d like to introduce you to a friend, Rob Foshay. Rob is my guest blogger and a pal for decades. Here is what Rob has to say: So, you know what the gaps are between your company’s average performers, and their expert performers.  And, you’ve done your analysis of the job skills involved.  And you’ve done your gap analysis to figure out what the highest priorities are for training. Are you really focused on what’s most important for your company (or client)? Maybe not. There might be an entire category of job performance that your analysis has missed:  It’s what your master performers have – but it may not even be understandable to … [Read more...]

My daughter, poster child for 21st Century learning

Welcome two guest bloggers, Ken and Darby Hubbell, father and daughter.  First, from Ken-- It is my humble opinion (and rather biased, I will admit) that my 8th grade daughter, Darby, is a prime example of what it means to be a 21st Century student. She is well on her way to a lifetime journey of learning, limited only by having enough time to obtain all the information and skills she desires. And just how does my prodigy achieve this array of abilities? Is she a savant? Is she genetically enhanced? No, she has simply grown up in the generation that acknowledges the classroom is just one small element in the larger educational picture. … [Read more...]

My commencement address to the workforce learning class of 2012

  I am entering the field. What do I do to make a success of it? Let’s pretend that somebody asked me to deliver a commencement speech in response to that question, preferably on a lush, ivy covered campus, near amiable watering holes. Thank you for inviting me to share this wonderful occasion with the workforce learning graduates of 2012.... Let me begin by congratulating you on your career choice. I am sure your families are delighted-- after all you could have selected law school. After years of clamoring for a seat at the table, C-levels are increasingly intrigued by what we can do for them.  Pressure for growth, … [Read more...]

Introducing New Technology: From Promise to Reality

Meet Jeff Loube My guest blogger is Jeff Loube. Jeff describes himself as a practitioner who has completed analysis and design projects such as basic, multi-engine and rotary wing pilot training, maintenance training systems, and maintenance training simulator design, prototyping and development. Jeff is managing editor of MS&T (Military Simulation and Training) magazine, http://halldale.com/mst Here is what Jeff has to say about introducing new technology into the organization. Have you ever been the victim of a new technology initiative, like say a new LMS or a mobile learning initiative or even a new accounting system? They … [Read more...]