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The best way to strengthen the learning organization is to ….

A friend took over a large, far-flung learning organization. His task was to strengthen it. Strengthen it. Two words, hundreds of possibilities. Perhaps my recommendations aren't what you would expect: Think less about the learning organization and more about the company or agency. Get really smart about the context. What is keeping the executives up at night? They want  you to strengthen learning in order to do what? Change what? Add what? Fix what? Fight the inclination to tend to your edifice and head count. Instead focus on building learning, community and reference capacity in line with organizational priorities. Deliver less … [Read more...]

A World Without Objectives– Please NO

Here is what a world without objectives might sound like-- "I don't know. What do you think? Last year we covered ice breakers. How about a session on humor this year?" "Well, I'm not entirely certain what scenario-based elearning would do for us, but I know our competitors are doing it." "I want to build a great program for the reps, but not sure what to do. Role plays? Job aids? Videos? Drills? All of them? How do I decide?" "We got a really good speaker. She is funny, really a hoot. Let her talk about whatever." "Mobile devices are all the rage and I think we should put this on them, so they can check them out whenever." "I … [Read more...]

Needs analysis– something old, something new

When I was a young professor of instructional design and technology at San Diego State University, students often sought advice on how to make decisions about outcomes and strategies. At that time, back in the late 70s, mostly they were concerned about instructional design for face-to-face classes. Even when working on classroom programs, they were flummoxed by the scores of decisions they had to make. My students wanted help with planning. Some call that planning needs assessment. Others prefer needs analysis. Many weigh in for performance analysis or front end analysis. One nickname that makes me smile is disambiguating whatchamacallit. … [Read more...]

Take the YinYang tool for a spin

Today, the buzz is about informal learning. You hear it at conferences, on blogs, even on twitter. Are your programs informal? Are they as informal as you want them to be? Are you moving forward to bring informal learning to your organization? We have different questions for you. Are you certain that you know what informal learning is, how it differs from the formal? And most important of all, have you thought long and hard on what is most suitable for your organization and goals?  We have tried to be useful to you as you think about these matters. Come online to our YinYang tool and answer questions about your circumstances. First … [Read more...]

The Yin and Yang of Formal + Informal Learning

Article from ASTD about the mix of formal and informal learning strategies: http://www.astd.org/Digital-Resources/Podcasts/TD/2012/01/01-the-Yin-and-Yang-of-Formal-and-Informal-Learning.aspx … [Read more...]