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First Things Fast

First Things Fast coverAllison’s first edition won awards. Check out the new and improved second edition.

Annual studies by ASTD and Training magazine confirm the slow and steady trend away from classroom delivery and towards more technological and independent approaches. Blended approaches are increasingly favored, resulting in programs that include face-to-face events, augmented by on demand assets, social media and independent choice. That choice can be tricky. Will participants stay or will they stray? We know they will stay if the program delivers value to them, lots of it, appropriate for the time invested. The best way to assure that value is through analysis. You can find First Things Fast at Pfeiffer Publishing.

Job Aids and Performance Support

Job Aids & Performance Support“What is performance support? Rossett and co-author Lisa Schafer define it this way: A helper in life and work, performance support is a repository for information, processes, and perspectives that inform and guide planning and action.”

Allison Rossett’s practical and provocative book advances the shift from knowledge in the classroom to knowledge everywhere. Yes, everywhere. Mobile is here too, in ways that help you think about how you might use these new devices.


ASTD Learning Handbook

ASTD E-Learning Handbook coverAn ASTD/McGraw-Hill handbook, with contributions from Marc Rosenberg, Gloria Gery, Brandon Hall, Wayne Hodgins, Thiagy, Bob Hoffman, Elliot Masie, and many, many other authors. That’s 45 chapters chock full of strategy, tactics and case studies! Read all about it in a Chronicle of Higher Education review.

To purchase, McGraw-Hill online or 800-2MCGRAW.

Beyond the Podium


Beyond the Podium coverAvailable at Jossey Bass Publishing: www.jbp.com

Rossett, A. & Sheldon, K. (2001). Beyond the Podium: Delivering Training and Performance to a Digital World. SF: Jossy Bass. Here’s a web site chock full of tools that support the book.

This book won ISPI’s Instructional Communications award!

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