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The best way to strengthen the learning organization is to ….

A friend took over a large, far-flung learning organization. His task was to strengthen it. Strengthen it. Two words, hundreds of possibilities. Perhaps my recommendations aren't what you would expect: Think less about the learning organization and more about the company or agency. Get really smart about the context. What is keeping the executives up at night? They want  you to strengthen learning in order to do what? Change what? Add what? Fix what? Fight the inclination to tend to your edifice and head count. Instead focus on building learning, community and reference capacity in line with organizational priorities. Deliver less … [Read more...]

Why We Need Instructional Design More Than Ever

In spite of gripes about relevance, congruence with new technology, and sluggishness, I remain an instructional design fan. Why? ID is not perfect, but it is what we have, and it does tame the chaos that surrounds us-- to some extent. I'm one of those people who appreciates the good old days of ID. Then we were devoted to clear and articulated outcomes, matching strategies to them, and provision of worked examples with lots of practice and feedback. Now, there are new ID frameworks, welcome additions, in my view. I know that choice, guided choice, is motivating, and that this new world is characterized by self-direction, … [Read more...]

Worried about software? Consider performance support

I can't get enough of performance support. That passion began early, when I encountered the limitations of my own memory. It continues to this day as I discover even more flaws in my memory. Of course, I rely heavily on technology to help me travel, pack, commune, invest, eat and maximize the software residing on my computer. That's all good for me. But what of the enterprise? Performance support is a great idea that is finally working its way into learning and talent enterprises. This movement is driven by impatient executives, managers, and employees. They will not wait for a class to be scheduled. They recognize limitations in … [Read more...]

Making Evidence-based Decisions

Video: Profiles in Leadership: Making Evidence-based Decisions Click thumbnail to view video … [Read more...]

Beyond Kirkpatrick

Recorded class session from San Diego State University. Click thumbnail to view video … [Read more...]

Investigating the Job Aid: Part I

Not Just Child's Play: Part I. Click thumbnail to view video … [Read more...]

Investigating the Job Aid: Part II

Not Just Child's Play: Part II. Click thumbnail to view video … [Read more...]

Oxford Union Debate on Informal Learning

Debate on Informal Learning. Speakers included myself, Bill Dutton, Nancy Lewis, and Jay Cross. My part begins at 00:43. Click thumbnail to view video … [Read more...]