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Leader development is the question. Is mobile the answer?

When you look at the numbers associated with workplace learning and development, the investment in leader performance jumps out. Bersin Associates, now a unit within Deloitte, wrote this in 2012: U.S. companies have increased leadership development spending 14 percent over 2011 levels to an estimated $13.6 billion in 2012. The Bersin group notes that this spending is extending beyond senior leaders and to mid-level and even first-level managers. Talent Edge 2020, a longitudinal study of the matters weighing on executives’ minds, identified leadership as their most pressing talent concern. Can we rely on training and development for … [Read more...]

Deloitte University— What were they thinking?

When I heard that Deloitte had purchased more than one hundred acres to construct a leader development facility in Dallas, I was stunned. What were they thinking? Then I heard that, in the midst of the great recession, they intended to spend as much as three hundred million dollars in constructing their center. What were they thinking? I harkened back to stays at other facilities devoted to the development of leaders. GTE came to mind. I worked there three or four times, soon after they built a wondrous center in Connecticut. It was surrounded by forest and trails, with lustrous wood floors and dramatic arching bannisters. I also worked … [Read more...]

Classroom in context– taking leader development beyond the classroom

This is an article about how leader development is changing. The focus is on moving beyond leader development events to lessons, support, guidance and community available in the context of work, which is where leaders serve. Here is the piece, co-authored with Deb Pettry, published in Talent Management:  http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/mediatec/tm0310/index.php?startid=16#/18   … [Read more...]