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Invisibilizing Workplace Learning

Many learning executives are concerned about visibility. They lament that they are not included early and sufficiently in the strategic work of the organization. Many seek appreciation and recognition for the learning enterprise, their learning enterprise. This long-standing concern has well-worn answers. I've offered some myself: align vigorously with the strategic purposes of the organization measure the learning enterprise against the metrics that matter most to the organization and leaders communicate with leadership through dashboards and stories riveted to high value metrics use data to continuously improve experiences and … [Read more...]

A Training Professional Seeks a Yoga Practice

Malinka My first ever yoga class happened six miles from my house. I was annoyed about the distance, but because Malinka had strong recommendations, I drove across town. Malinka, not her real name, was known as a laid-back teacher, which appealed to me. The last thing I need is a yoga instructor that encourages my competitive streak. As I drove to the session, I wondered about who would be in the class and whether I would be able to keep up. I looked around but couldn't tell anything about my classmates. In Malinka's dark living room, I could discern seven lumps lying quietly, each in a personal cave comprised of four fluffy blankets … [Read more...]

Consulting with executives to turn technology investments into results

Technology is not the answer. Not automatically. But many executives thought it would be so, that it was a matter of selection and investment. Now, many look back on prior enthusiasms for technology-based learning with tales to tell of dashed hopes. With hindsight, they know that nothing is automatic, not even mobile learning, and that success does not come easily. No longer do executives see technology as learning fairy dust. They know it's a minefield out there. Those of us who believe in technology for learning and support must contribute by helping executives find those mines and do something about each and every one of them. Here … [Read more...]

Instructional Design: Something Old, Something New

A few years ago, Jim Marshall and I surveyed workplace learning professionals about elearning. Although we set out to learn about the contours of the elearning terrain, our project revealed much about instructional design practice today. We pursued this question: when doing elearning, what are you doing? Were learning professionals relying on webinars, on podcasts, on mobile learning? What of scenario-based online programs, social networks and communities, discussion boards, or personalized programs? We expected to find reliance on podcasts and scenarios, with healthy use of online communities and discussion boards. But when given the … [Read more...]

Take the YinYang tool for a spin

Today, the buzz is about informal learning. You hear it at conferences, on blogs, even on twitter. Are your programs informal? Are they as informal as you want them to be? Are you moving forward to bring informal learning to your organization? We have different questions for you. Are you certain that you know what informal learning is, how it differs from the formal? And most important of all, have you thought long and hard on what is most suitable for your organization and goals?  We have tried to be useful to you as you think about these matters. Come online to our YinYang tool and answer questions about your circumstances. First … [Read more...]

The Yin and Yang of Formal + Informal Learning

Article from ASTD about the mix of formal and informal learning strategies: http://www.astd.org/Digital-Resources/Podcasts/TD/2012/01/01-the-Yin-and-Yang-of-Formal-and-Informal-Learning.aspx … [Read more...]