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Trending in Workplace Learning 2015….

Many colleagues have asked what I think will emerge in workplace learning in 2015. Some put it this way, "Have you read anything worthwhile that summarizes trends for 2015?" Or this, often this, "I should be assessing my learning organization as we move into a new year. It's an opportunity. Got a bumper sticker on trends, 2015?" I don't have that bumper sticker. What I do have is enthusiasm about reflecting on emergent directions in workplace learning. I've been reviewing what others (such as Malamed, Deloitte/Bersin, and Taylor) have to say on this matter. Here is where I think workplace learning will trend in 2015. I'm consciously … [Read more...]

Technology sinner

That technology sinner is me. I sinned this morning. I awoke at 5:30 AM to address an elearning conference in Europe via Adobe Connect. By 5:50 AM, with colorful earrings in my ears, and virtually suitable clothing on top, I was ready for the webinar. This isn't about technology failure. Connect worked like a charm. Or I think it did. And therein lies the problem. I presented for 45 minutes, with PowerPoint, to the assembled group. I used lively examples, provocative questions, and a few self-effacing personal stories. I prompted for reflection and urged application, and I pointed to relevant, accessible resources. I smiled and … [Read more...]

Reflections on Two Decades and Three Degrees

Jolie Kennedy is my guest blogger. I think you will enjoy her take on her learning experiences. Jolie writes: Summer 1989: Queens College, City University of New York. Madonna’s Like a Prayer blares on my headphones. It’s my first semester and I’m low man on the totem pole. I get classes no one wants… statistics and ethics. Ugh. College sucks! Stats class is a bust. I struggle with those pesky word problems. I don’t get them and the teacher doesn’t care. I fail stats. I am more interested in learning about Hasidic Jewish culture from my classmate. I work and pay my own bills. Soon I will get my first credit card. I will graduate with a … [Read more...]

On the brink with mobile– what learning executives say

Words without actions Words without actions. That's how I described the status of mobile learning in an article in eLearn magazine ten months ago. My point then was that mobile offers immense potential for learning and support but that it is not yet making much of a difference in the enterprise. When San Diego State University (SDSU) colleague Jim Marshall and I surveyed more than a thousand educators in companies, agencies and universities about their eLearning practices, they reported reliance on traditional eLearning approaches, like scenarios, virtual classrooms, and online assessments. Performance support and mobile devices only rarely … [Read more...]

How We Helped Faculty Move Their Courses Online

Suzanne Aurilio is my guest blogger. She and our SDSU colleagues have enjoyed some solid successes in bringing faculty to rely on and appreciate technology. Here is her story. I've been working with university faculty on teaching, learning and technology for almost ten years. During much of that time, I led a well-funded program in which we incentivized faculty to experiment with technologies to improve teaching and learning. The program had impact. It catalyzed strategic alliances with key units and leaders. It created a flexible infrastructure of personnel and resources. It was a sustainable effort that grew into an ecosystem that … [Read more...]

Consulting with executives to turn technology investments into results

Technology is not the answer. Not automatically. But many executives thought it would be so, that it was a matter of selection and investment. Now, many look back on prior enthusiasms for technology-based learning with tales to tell of dashed hopes. With hindsight, they know that nothing is automatic, not even mobile learning, and that success does not come easily. No longer do executives see technology as learning fairy dust. They know it's a minefield out there. Those of us who believe in technology for learning and support must contribute by helping executives find those mines and do something about each and every one of them. Here … [Read more...]

Instructional designers aren’t ready for their interviews

Often, current and former graduate students ask for advice about how to be successful when they interview for instructional design positions. Yes, I have my opinions, but I wanted you to hear from someone I admire. Let's welcome guest blogger, Alice Cutter, who has been interviewing MANY IDs for positions in her firm. And these are not the first ID positions she has attempted to fill. Not by a long shot. Here's what Alice wrote: We just finished a job search to find four Instructional Designers.  One of our requirements is that the ID being hired must have experience in all phases of instructional design.  There were hundreds of resumes … [Read more...]

The Tale of a Job Hunt

Meet guest blogger, Marci Paino. Here is the story of her search for a new position. On the trail to a new position This is the tale of a job hunt that I began in November, 2011. A few hours were spent updating and tweaking a resume. Even more time was spent searching for the ideal job openings and filling out the specialized online applications. A bit more time was spent reaching out to a network of colleagues and mentors. The roller coaster ride was just beginning!  Would they like me? I eagerly anticipated a response after submitting an application. Surely one of these openings is the one for me. Some companies sent an automated … [Read more...]

Investigating the Job Aid: Part I

Not Just Child's Play: Part I. Click thumbnail to view video … [Read more...]

Investigating the Job Aid: Part II

Not Just Child's Play: Part II. Click thumbnail to view video … [Read more...]