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Why We Need Instructional Design More Than Ever

In spite of gripes about relevance, congruence with new technology, and sluggishness, I remain an instructional design fan.


ID is not perfect, but it is what we have, and it does tame the chaos that surrounds us– to some extent.

I’m one of those people who appreciates the good old days of ID. Then we were devoted to clear and articulated outcomes, matching strategies to them, and provision of worked examples with lots of practice and feedback.

Now, there are new ID frameworks, welcome additions, in my view. I know that choice, guided choice, is motivating, and that this new world is characterized by self-direction, connection, reference, and community. Instructional design must embrace and inform all the decisions involved in building programs with so many arrows in our quiver.

I talked about instructional design today and tomorrow in a presentation at the Learning Technologies conference in London, February, 2013. Here is a video of a talk I gave called Why We Need Instructional Design More Than Ever.

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Allison Rossett speaking in London


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