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Introducing WorkLearnMobile– it’s all about mobile

Of course, Qualcomm is interested in mobile learning and support. The very global, San Diego-based company is the leading patent holder on 3G and 4G mobile technologies. Their self interest delivers benefits to the rest of us.

As impetus for more and better mobile learning and performance support, they’ve launched WorkLearnMobile– The Mobile Learning Innovation Network. On the resource rich site, Geoff Stead, who leads the mobile learning/support effort for the company, blogs about technology implications for learning and performance. His first entry presents 8 trends in a way that helps readers look beyond the hype. The trends range from analytics to games, to the flipped classroom, MOOCs, and of course, moble devices.

I eagerly dug into the case studies on the site. Augmented reality springs to life through examples. Check out video-based product knowledge training for the new Blackberry. And more to the point, as the NFL season approaches, teams are using iPads to deliver video examples and playbooks to their players. Cut from the team? The system wipes the iPad clean.

People who are working on mobile learning and support are also featured. Chad Udell, Clark Quinn, Robert Gadd and I are the first four at WorkLearnMobile. Unfamiliar with his work, I checked out Chad’s remarks and was glad I did.

In my presentation, I attempted to do some basic blocking and tackling about the wonderfulness of mobile for learning and support. My point was that mobile devices have grown so present that we fail to leverage them. In my 25 minute session, I use examples to encourage mobile for many important purposes, including sales, leadership, wine selection, and the detection of bad breath. While recognizing the power of mobile performance support on its own, think GPS, I remain keen on mobile devices to rivet attention, encourage collegiality, provide reminders and extend classroom lessons.

Today, the site is chock full of content. Ideally, soon, it will become a place for conversation and community. Go there. Comment. Disagree. Cheer. Point to something or someone. That’s the next step for WorkLearnMobile.


  1. I want to add that nowadays mobile phones and tablets are constantly used by people; thus they can take the advantage of free time during travel, meetings, evenings or weekends and learn through their mobile devices. It integrates learning in their daily life and helps them to retain knowledge.