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Performance Support Goes to the Oscars

Mike Yonker/Learner Mobile

Mike Yonker, my guest blogger, is President of Learner Mobile for SVI Inc. Much of mobile training and development is broken. Few have the patience to go through courseware on a phone or even a tablet. Screens are small and content is long. Mobile … [Continue reading]

Compliance Training: Doing Something About the Least Popular Training on Earth


Compliance training satisfies few who experience it. Not only do we often fritter away this opportunity, I have come to believe that compliance training promotes cynicism about all of workplace learning. Complaining about compliance is not good … [Continue reading]

Leader development is the question. Is mobile the answer?

When you look at the numbers associated with workplace learning and development, the investment in leader performance jumps out. Bersin Associates, now a unit within Deloitte, wrote this in 2012: U.S. companies have increased leadership development … [Continue reading]

Moving beyond the classroom — talk that leads to action

The learning organization of the last century focused on the classroom. That was challenge enough. Today, the canvas of the learning organization expands to include the classroom and the world of work. With humility about the influence of … [Continue reading]

My first MOOC

Sarah Siegel

No,  not my first MOOC, Sarah Siegel's. Sarah is my guest blogger. I appreciate Sarah’s enthusiasm for learning, experience, community and technology. That’s why I invited her to tell us what happened when she signed up for a MOOC on the subject of … [Continue reading]

Why We Need Instructional Design More Than Ever

Allison Rossett Speaking in London

In spite of gripes about relevance, congruence with new technology, and sluggishness, I remain an instructional design fan. Why? ID is not perfect, but it is what we have, and it does tame the chaos that surrounds us-- to some extent. I'm … [Continue reading]

Worried about software? Consider performance support

Worried about software? Consider performance support

I can't get enough of performance support. That passion began early, when I encountered the limitations of my own memory. It continues to this day as I discover even more flaws in my memory. Of course, I rely heavily on technology to help me … [Continue reading]

The Pulse of Mobile Learning

A faint pulse today Most of what is said and written about mobile learning and support touts potential and points to the future. Current studies confirm a faint pulse for mobile in enterprise learning today. I first noticed this … [Continue reading]

Technology sinner

smiling at the end

That technology sinner is me. I sinned this morning. I awoke at 5:30 AM to address an elearning conference in Europe via Adobe Connect. By 5:50 AM, with colorful earrings in my ears, and virtually suitable clothing on top, I was ready for the … [Continue reading]

Want to go mobile for learning and support?

John and his mobile device

John Park is my guest blogger. I invited him to write this when I recognized my lack of clarity about the options for mobile development and delivery. I think you will enjoy his tour of our choices. We want to use mobile devices, but which … [Continue reading]