“She works on learning and technology
in a way that is creative, concrete and quirky”

The Future of Learning Technology

Allison recently did an interview with Chief Learning Officer® about the future of learning technology. Please view the video of the interview below.

The Future of Learning Technology from Human Capital Media on Vimeo.

Invisibilizing Workplace Learning

Seeking visibility for the learning org

Many learning executives are concerned about visibility. They lament that they are not included early and sufficiently in the strategic work of the organization. Many seek appreciation and recognition for the learning enterprise, their learning … [Continue reading]

Trending in Workplace Learning 2015….

picture of allison from video

Many colleagues have asked what I think will emerge in workplace learning in 2015. Some put it this way, "Have you read anything worthwhile that summarizes trends for 2015?" Or this, often this, "I should be assessing my learning organization as we … [Continue reading]

Whither higher education? To the opera!

picture of allison from video

I often think about the condition of higher education, but was concerned not at all when I  went to see "La Boheme" in a movie theater at the mall. Opera in San Diego Opera is very much on the minds of San Diegans. Recently and suddenly, our … [Continue reading]

A Training Professional Seeks a Yoga Practice

Andalusa wasn't wrong in her evaluation, but neither was she motivating

Malinka My first ever yoga class happened six miles from my house. I was annoyed about the distance, but because Malinka had strong recommendations, I drove across town. Malinka, not her real name, was known as a laid-back teacher, which appealed … [Continue reading]

Sue describes her online learning as excruciating

Unmotivated to learn online

Sue got caught texting while sitting in her car at a stoplight. She was just sitting there when law enforcement nabbed her. But that's another matter. We are here to talk about how Sue dealt with the ticket she got. In California, those of us who … [Continue reading]

The best way to strengthen the learning organization is to ….

The best way to strengthen the learning organization is to ….

A friend took over a large, far-flung learning organization. His task was to strengthen it. Strengthen it. Two words, hundreds of possibilities. Perhaps my recommendations aren't what you would expect: Think less about the learning … [Continue reading]

The Color Becomes Me: More Lessons from Larry

The coloring process

You met Larry, my hair color consultant, in my prior post. The big day arrived. The time had come for Larry to work on my hair. It had been eight days since our brief diagnostic meeting. I was concerned that he wouldn't remember me. But he did. … [Continue reading]

Colorful Consulting: Lessons from Larry


Today I learned about consulting from a surprising source. It began at lunch yesterday, when my usually positive pal Ellie remarked that my hair wasn’t looking so great. I think the word she used was listless. The cut was fine. But she wondered … [Continue reading]

Introducing WorkLearnMobile– it’s all about mobile

Of course, Qualcomm is interested in mobile learning and support. The very global, San Diego-based company is the leading patent holder on 3G and 4G mobile technologies. Their self interest delivers benefits to the rest of us. As impetus for more … [Continue reading]